Made in USA Sweatshirts

Tough as nails sweatshirts carefully crafted from premium 3-end fleece fabric


Made in USA since 83'

Since 1983, Goodwear has been producing high-quality, Made in USA basics that are tough as nails, beautiful, and planet-friendly.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I thought this type of quality went out with all the imports but this is the best shirt of its kind in the USA. Tough and really good looking. A real "Made in USA" quality." 

Shawn, Goodwear Customer

"I live in Florida and have to bear through those humid summers but I've finally found the perfect nightshirt! I have it in black and fuchsia. It is so comfortable I even bought one for my Mom, and she loves it, too!" 

Margie, Goodwear Women's Goodnite Shirt Customer

"I haven't worn t-shirts for years now because of how thin, ill fitting and poor quality they are BUT that's changed since discovering Goodwear! These T's are like my childhood shirts of 50 years ago. Thick, great fit, don't shrink with every wash, and they look great. Well done Goodwear!"

Dave, Goodwear Customer