American-Made Clothing

At Goodwear USA, we’ve produced American-made clothing for more than 30 years. Our goals since starting our company in 1983 haven’t changed much. They still focus on two things — creating soft, durable and comfortable USA-made clothes and ensuring you’re satisfied every time you put them on.

Durable American Made Clothing

Our American-made clothing is durable by design. We’ve become one of the best clothing brands for quality by using combed ring-spun cotton, which is made by thinning and twisting cotton strands together to make a strong and soft rope of cotton fibers.

Customer experiences confirm the durability of our American-made clothing. A wearer of our V-neck undershirts commented, “I love the soft feel of the fabric. I have washed them at least three times a week for several months now, and they feel the exact same as the first day I wore them.”

Our high-quality American-made clothing brand catalog features:

We also design and manufacture sleep or loungewear for men and women. Our selection gives you a multitude of options when it comes to picking out clothing for you or if you’re buying a gift for a friend or family member.

USA-Made Clothes From a Top-Quality Clothing Brand

We’ve become a top-quality, American-made clothing brand by using high-quality materials and producing our products in the U.S. We’re also a member of the Fair Labor Association, which promotes and protects workers’ rights, and a licensee of Cotton USA, which ensures every step of our supply chain, from the cotton field’s location to the sewing of our clothes, uses U.S.-grown cotton.

Our Goodwear USA team is another reason why we’re one of the best-quality made-in-America clothing brands in the industry, especially in the Japanese retail marketplace. Our team is dedicated to not only designing and producing high-quality, American-made clothes, but also ensuring every customer is happy with their purchase.