American-Made Men’s Sweatpants

Some days are made for sweatpants. While jeans and dress slacks have their place, sweatpants allow you to stretch out and relax. When you head out for a game of pickup basketball, run out to the store at midnight to buy a gallon of milk, or finally tackle that long-simmering project of clearing out the garage, you need pants that will move with you. You crave the comfortable fit you get with sweatpants. 

Get ready to find the comfiest version you can imagine with our USA-made men’s sweatpants. We designed these pants with our customers’ contentment in mind. They fit snugly enough that you don’t have to worry they will fall down, but loosely enough that you won’t feel restricted. Best of all, we construct them from the highest quality of materials available, to ensure they will last for a long time to come.

Like all our clothing, our men’s sweatpants are made in the USA. Many of our customers appreciate this dedication to the U.S. manufacturing industry. They want to know they are supporting U.S. workers, who have helped our great nation thrive for so many years. The benefits of buying USA-made clothing include keeping jobs in this country and sending a message that you believe in American workmanship.

The Benefits of Buying Our Men’s Sweatpants Made in the USA

We proudly offer clothing that supports fellow American businesses. The cotton we use in our sweatpants and other items is 100 percent American grown, part of our duty as a licensee of Cotton USA. This makes for lightweight fabric with the unique ability to protect you from the cold while also keeping you cool when the temperatures rise.

The advantages of purchasing from our upscale clothing line include getting clothes that aren’t just durable, but attractive as well. You can wear them knowing you look just as good as you feel. Our clothes will last for quite some time, another point of pride for the Goodwear brand.

We want you to like what you wear, and we want that happy feeling to last. Our clothes will outlast other brands that use cheaper materials. High quality is worth the investment of time and materials on our end. The outcome? A pair of sweatpants you will continue to use for years.

Browse Our Selection of Sweatpants and Buy Your New Pair Today

When you buy from Goodwear, you receive free shipping on domestic purchases as well as returns. That’s just one way we look after our customers. We also offer a 20 percent discount to members of the military, a unique way of thanking you for your service.

We have been making clothing in the USA for more than 30 years. You can trust us to deliver a product you will enjoy wearing — and you will also enjoy all the compliments you receive about our apparel. Get your order in today.

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