Common Threads: A Seasonal Brew at East Regiment Beer Company

Common Threads: A Seasonal Brew at East Regiment Beer Company

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We’ve got a taste for the authentic. The self-made, the independent, the trail blazers, the people who have a dream... and go for it. Goodwear was founded in the 80’s with just an idea, and slowly grew over the years into the brand we are today: always independent and uncompromising in quality.

That’s the exact same story of our friends Scott and Josh at their labor love: the East Regiment Beer Company in Salem, Massachusetts. Josh, a former Merchant Marine, and Scott, a veteran Navy SEAL, the two have dedicated their post-military years following a passion and a dream. In a historic brick building, Salem’s first fire station, Scott and Josh gutted, redesigned, and engineered a top of the line microbrewery in the heart of their hometown. 
And they really built it from the ground up. Everything from the patio to the industrial kettle burners were made by hand. The reclaimed wooden bar, tables, seats, and light fixtures (all made from extra wood in Scott's Colonial-era home he also renovated himself) are gorgeous, and clearly custom and unique. There’s a tangible feeling of "realness" as soon as you enter the taproom. It's bright, inviting, and the wood gives it a character all its own. It’s rare to walk into a brewery or restaurant and feel the owner(s) expressing themselves fully. 
On this visit we got to see the brew process from start to finish (sans fermentation) of one of their seasonal pumpkin ales. Starting in September, in about a week this beer will be cold and ready to pour for the nearly half a million visitors to the Witch City every October. 
It’s as American-Made as it gets. Two hometown friends who go their separate ways to serve their country, and come back to town to follow a passion and a crazy idea. Years of teeth-gritting hard work later, two friends are doing what they love and doing it on their own. Everything Scott and Josh have worked for and created is endlessly inspiring to us, the least we can do is have a clean shirt for them to throw on after a brew. 

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