Garment Dye Shirts it's all part of our Secret Sauce

Garment Dye Shirts it's all part of our Secret Sauce

Posted by Stephen Liquori on

We are one of the few domestic manufacturers sewing today with cotton thread on 95 % of our styles.

What are the benefits of sewing with cotton thread for our wholesale accounts?

First, it gives the customer the flexibility to garment dye these shirts any color they want. Additionally this becomes an inventory management tool for operating their business. Secondly, by keeping blank white shirts on hand, they can call out any quantity to dye to replenish their stock in a specific color. This enhances cash flow and lightens the storage space for carrying full size scales of various colors.

For customers who tie-dye this is an added benefit as well. No longer do they have to settle for shirts with poly thread showing after they have spent time and energy creating beautiful wearable art.

So you could say it is part of the secret sauce in our manufacturing process.

We also use a very expensive 100% Cotton Oxford thread for our Oxford color shirts. This allows the customer to dye these shirts many different shades rendering a beautiful heather tone.

We are happy to supply samples for you to test dye and see why Goodwear can be a tremendous resource for your company.

Keep those colors flowing!

Team Goodwear




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