How to Find the Perfect T-Shirt

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What To Look For In Your Next T-Shirt

For decades, the t-shirt has been an iconic essential to how we dress. Man or woman, teenager or child -- we wear t-shirts all the time. Whether it is worn solo or as an under layer, the t-shirt never fails us. Philosophically speaking, the t-shirt could be the fundamental nature of our existence. 

As avid t-shirt wearers, it’s important that we know how find a t-shirt that we want to wear all the time, or in better terms, a t-shirt we want to live in. Characteristics of the perfect t-shirt might be how it fits, how soft it is, or maybe it’s superb craftsmanship and quality. The fact of the matter is, you need to know how to find this perfect t-shirt. 

Below, we teach you how to find the perfect t-shirt and what defines the perfect t-shirt. It’s about time you discovered t-shirt gold. 

The 5 Traits Of The Perfect T-Shirt

Trait #1: The perfect t-shirt is made responsibly in the USA

There’s no denying that a large portion of t-shirts worn by American’s today are manufactured overseas. This is just the sad truth. Flip the tag up on some of your t-shirts and reveal where they were made. You may be surprised that most of your t-shirts are made in China. 

T-shirts manufactured overseas are synonymous with low quality and a negative environmental impact. While products can be monitored for quality control, there is no honest guarantee that these t-shirts are made well or durable enough to last you for as long as you’d like. If you have never heard of the term fast fashion, you should read about it here

On the contrary, when you buy a t-shirt that is made in the USA you’re guaranteed a high quality and eco-friendly product. High quality, superb craftsmanship, and a superior product are three defining elements behind Made in USA products.  

Ultimately, when you buy a Made in USA t-shirt, it means you’re shopping local, and when you’re shopping local, you’re breaking the cycle of buying clothes made overseas that come with a heavy carbon footprint and other unethical practices.

Tip: It’s always a best practice to ask “Who made my clothes?” before you choose to purchase a t-shirt from a clothing brand. 

Made in USA t-shirt

Trait #2: The perfect t-shirt will last you for years

A t-shirt that only survives a year is not the perfect t-shirt. These are what we call cheap t-shirts. They are the ones that are the most affordable. You’ve probably heard of this good old proverb -- you get what you pay for. Watch out for clothing brands that have low priced t-shirts because this is usually a sign that they are not quality and are manufactured overseas with cheap & toxic materials.

Think about it, a higher quality product should cost a little more. Beware of t-shirts that are $25 and under. If you do find one in this price point that you like, do some research and learn why it might be that price.  

As mentioned earlier, t-shirts made in the USA are built to last. They don’t cut corners when it comes to the fabrics and craftsmanship of their t-shirts. In fact, they go the extra mile to create a t-shirt that embodies the quality and durability you deserve in your essential tees. 

American-made t-shirt

Trait #3: The perfect t-shirt is made with eco-friendly fabrics

The perfect t-shirt makes you feel like you’re supporting the betterment of our planet when you wear it. And once you learn about all the benefits of eco-friendly t-shirts, you will not want to pass on these. Thanks to the slow fashion movement, there are a plethora of t-shirts made with eco-friendly fabrics available online right now. 

You can find t-shirts made with hemp, organic cotton, pima cotton, etc..These eco-friendly fabrics are better for the planet and offer a softness and fit that is unmatched. Ultimately, when you opt for a sustainable t-shirt, you’re supporting the clothing brands that are working their butts off to support the betterment of our planet. Feel good and look good at the same time with eco-friendly t-shirts. 

sustainable t-shirt

Trait #4: The perfect t-shirt fits perfectly 

A t-shirt that fits perfectly is a keeper and usually means it’s super comfortable. However, finding the perfect fitting t-shirt is no simple task. As individuals, we have unique body types and sizes, so it's important to learn which type of t-shirt fits you the best. Whether it’s classic fit, relaxed fit, slim fit, or modern fit, there are two general tips for learning which t-shirt type fits you the best. 

Two tips for find the perfect fit:

  1. Most clothing brand’s websites have a fit guide for all their products. Find a t-shirt you like and click on the fit guide to view the measurements of the t-shirt. Also, if a brand has several different t-shirt fits, they will usually explain the difference between fits. Some guides will even teach you how to properly measure your body.
  2. Do it the old fashioned way and go to a store and try on a variety of different t-shirts and learn what measurements and styles fit your body the best.
Made in USA t-shirt  

    Trait #5: The perfect t-shirt is soft & comfortable 

    There’s nothing better than a t-shirt that feels like your bed sheets. The best way to find the softest, most comfortable t-shirts is to learn which fabrics provide cloud-like softness. Lucky for you, I know which fabrics are the softest so don’t bother opening a new window or tab, we got you.

    The softest t-shirt fabrics right now are organic cotton, hemp, and pima cotton. If you read trait #3, you would know that these are all eco-friendly fabrics. Sounds like a win-win to us -- softness while saving the planet. 

    American-made t-shirts

    Wrapping Up: How To Find The Perfect T-Shirt

    The perfect t-shirt is out there waiting for you, you just have to know what you’re looking for. If you follow the five traits above, you will be on your merry way to a soft, perfect fitting, eco-friendly t-shirt that will last you for a long, long time. Remember to find your body's ideal t-shirt and shop locally.

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