Made in USA Clothing Explained in a Minute

Made in USA Clothing Explained in a Minute

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Made in USA clothing

Let’s cut to the chase. We have around a minute to explain the latest fashion trend, Made in USA clothing, and unfortunately, we are already three seconds in. Your short attention span can thank us later. Ready...set...go. 

Made in USA clothing is gaining popularity because it's better for the planet and offers the highest quality product in the fashion industry. The benefits of Made in USA clothing are shaping a new future for how we shop for clothes and is at the forefront of creating a healthier fashion industry. 

Today, we’re going to quickly summarize Made in USA Clothing in three different ways: 

  1. It’s quality 
  2. It’s positive impact on the planet
  3. It’s fair labor practices 

1. The Made in USA Quality 

Whenever you opt for clothes that are made in the USA, you’re guaranteed quality. In fact, Made in USA clothing is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and a superior product. But why? Because Made in USA clothing brands care a lot about creating quality products so they go the extra mile in doing so. 

It's standard for American Made clothing brands to have a more refined manufacturing model. They have a more intimate quality control and design process because these are the types of business actions needed to create high quality clothing.

Just so you know, Made in USA clothing brands will not opt for the cheapest materials to make their clothes in order to increase their profit margins. Most American made brands opt for the best eco-friendly fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Pima Cotton without sacrificing style and comfort. 

American Made Clothing

2. Made in USA Clothing Is Better For The Planet

If you didn’t know, the fashion industry has not been the healthiest over the last few decades due to fast fashion. In short, fast fashion is destroying the planet. Thankfully, this news has gotten out over the last few years (alongside Climate Change awareness) and many people have become more environmentally aware of the clothes they buy.

Simply put, Made in USA clothing helps reduce the world’s water pollution, carbon emissions, and eliminates large amounts of waste. When you shop Made in the USA, you’re shopping local, and when you shop local, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. A really simple way to explain this is to think about the process of ordering a t-shirt from a brand that manufactures their clothes overseas. Let’s break it down. 

First, think about how this t-shirt gets to your doorstep. They have to ship their product thousands of miles across the ocean to reach you in the United States. You can imagine that this shipping process alone burns a high amount of fossil fuels and throws greenhouse gases into the water and air every inch they travel. 

Then, once you grasp this idea, then think about where and how your t-shirt was made overseas. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but most factories overseas in countries like China are poorly regulated because there are no strict laws in place. These factories are constantly polluting the planet’s air, water, and soil. We’re sure you have seen China’s air and water pollution before in photos or in person. It’s bad. 

Sustainable Clothing

3. Made in USA Clothing Uses Fair Labor Practices

Fair labor practices are a standard in America. This is because the United States has federal laws set in place to ensure that no businesses use unethical labor practices like: unfair labor treatment (and child labor), unhealthy labor conditions, and unfair wages.

The sad truth is that fair labor practices in factories overseas are hard to come by because they aren't as regulated as the United States. Remember that when you choose to opt for Made in USA clothing, you’re supporting fair labor practices. 

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