The Classic Fit

A true American icon for 40 years

Born in 1988

Our dedication to the perfect shirt came to fruition in 1988 with the introduction of our Classic Fit Crew Neck.

1.25" - 100% Cotton Rib

The Classic Fit Collar

You know how t-shirt collars fall apart, lose their structure, and get uncomfortable? That's because it's cheaper to use polyster for stretch. After a few washes, it degrades.

Not ours - the stretch comes from the knitting pattern. It will always stretch, and always keep its shape.

Too good to be called a T-shirt

This original Goodwear style is defined by the sturdy, one & a quarter inch cotton rib collar, full cut sleeves, and relaxed, heavyweight fabric.

Simply the best of the best

- Malcolm, Boston MA

Relaxed, Timeless

Full Cut Sleeves and Body

With a generous shape, there's room to move and beathe. And with fabric this nice, a little extra is more than welcome.

Our #1 Best Seller

With just a few tweaks here and there over time, the Classic Fit Crew Neck is made the same as it was over 30 years ago.

And along with the Classic Fit Crew Neck with Pocket still our #1 best seller.

I love trying to find new, quality, plain shirts -

and there is so much garbage out there.

These are easily the best quality shirts I’ve ever worn.

- Josh, Duluth MN

Signature heavyweight fabric

Tubular Knit - No Side Seams

We start with expertly sourced, premium quality yarn, made from US grown cotton. Using the machine shown here, we then knit our fabric into a seamless tube. This creates a shirt with a seamless body for exceptional durability and a beautiful shape.

American Made

As always, our Classic Fit Collection is 100% made in the USA

Extremely high quality. Durable and thick material will last years.

I'm proud to wear American made - a first time buyer and now a life long customer.

- Max, Santa Barbara CA

US-Grown Cotton Yarn

Twin Needle Cover Stitching

Our expert cutters, sewers, and finishers have an unmatched attention to detail. Note the pattern sewn over the hem - creating a strong finish and long lasting durability.

And more...

More than just short sleeves, the Classic Fit Collection has grown to include long sleeves, Henleys, and a wide array of colors.

Crew neck with pocket - grey cobblestone
Long Sleeve Crew Neck - navy blue
Short Sleeve Crew Neck - blue acid wash overdye
Short Sleeve Henley - hunter green

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