Frequently asked questions

general faq

What is the difference between Classic Fit and Modern Fit?

The Classic Fit is a vintage style comparable to the original heavyweight sportswear of the 1980’s and 1990’s. It features a full cut body and sleeves, with a 1.25” collar. The Modern Fit has a body cut 1” slimmer, slightly tapered sleeves, and an industry standard 0.75” collar.

What size T-shirt am I?

Our shirts are meant to fit true to size. If you normally wear a Medium, our Medium will fit you. But, the most accurate way to check is with your measurements. Use the guide below for more information.

What does “tubular knit” mean?

Most shirts are sewn together from panels cut like cookies from a sheet of fabric. Our shirts are knit with a tubular knitting machine, meaning the body is one continuous tube of fabric with no side seams. With no seams to pull and stretch, the shirt is more durable and comfortable, for longer. 

What is “garment dyeing” and “piece dyeing”?

Fabric is often dyed in one of two different ways. Piece dyeing dyes the yarn first, knitting a colored fabric. These shirts will be oversized and will shrink (and might bleed color in hot water) after the first wash.Garment dyeingtakes place after the blank white shirt is finished. The wash and dye cycle breaks in and pre-shrinks the shirt, often with a slightly faded color. 

What is a “cobblestone wash”?

During and after garment dyeing, the shirts are washed with stones which break in the fabric to a soft feel. 

Are your clothes 100% cotton?

Nearly all of our clothing is 100% cotton. Notably, our Hemp Collection uses blends of both viscose hemp and raw hemp. Our Oxford shirts use a 90% cotton 10% polyester blend to achieve the specific look and feel of that vintage sportswear fabric.

What is “viscose” or “hemp from viscose”?

Viscose is an organic polyester alternative, sometimes called rayon. It can be made from any starchy material, typically trees, bamboo, or hemp. It is a biodegradable and sustainable material with similar properties to polyester - namely a soft feel, breathability, and slight stretch. 

Where are Goodwear clothes made?

All of our clothing is made 100% in the USA. We use a number of suppliers and manufacturers across the country in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, and New Hampshire to name a few. 

Product care

Will my shirt shrink?

Short answer, maybe. Many of our shirts are garment dyed and will not shrink further in the wash. Your shirt will have a garment dyed hang tag to indicate. Most of our white or natural colored shirts are not preshrunk, and will shrink to their correct size after the first wash. 

How should I wash my Goodwear clothes?

We always suggest washing clothes on cool/cold and drying on low.

Do I need to hang-dry my clothes?

It may extend the life of your shirt but is not necessary. In particular, we like to hang theStriped Hemp Crew Neck

orders & shipping

do you ship internationally?

We can ship all over the world!

where do you ship from? where is goodwear located?

Our headquarters are in Essex, MA with our warehouse and fulfillment in New Bedford, MA.

how long will it take to get my order

Our longest domestic shipping times are to Alaska and Hawaii. California, Washington, Oregon customers can expect delivery within 3-5 days.

How can i check the status of my order?

You can use the tracking number recieved in your confirmation email.

What is your return/exchange policy?

We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery. Returns are subject to a $6.00 restocking fee. Exchanges are at no cost. 

How do I return or exchange an item?