Garment Dyed vs. Piece Dyed

Which Dye Method Is Your Shirt?

The shirts crafted from our signature heavyweight fabric will either be garment dyed or piece dyed depending on the color you choose.

Garment dyed shirts will experience no shrinkage when washed. 

Piece dyed shirts will experience some shrinkage when washed for the first time.

The best way to determine the dye process of your tee is to check the collar tag when it arrives in the mail. We ask you to check your tee's tag because sometimes our designated piece dye colors are garment dyed (see the list of colors below). In addition, White & Oxford colors are sewn with a cotton thread giving you the flexibility to garment-dye them any color you please.

Garment Dyed Colors

  • Indigo Cobblestone
  • Red Cobblestone
  • Grey Cobblestone
  • Blue Acid Wash 
  • Red

Piece Dyed Colors (sometimes we do garment dye these colors)

  • Charcoal 
  • Dark Olive
  • Black
  • Hunter
  • Navy