4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Made in USA Clothing

Made in USA t-shirts

Made in USA Clothing is a fashion trend that’s not going away anytime soon. If you care about the environment, fair worker’s rights, and high quality clothing, then you’re probably interested in opting for Made in USA clothing. 

Why You Should Care About Made in USA Clothing

Today, we care more than ever about where and how our clothes are made. 

And we totally should, because the fashion industry has a bad rep for being a leading pollutant of carbon emissions across the globe. This is why many conscious shoppers are now choosing to opt for sustainable clothing brands like Made in USA ones because they are more planet-friendly. 

If you didn’t already know, a lot of clothing is currently made unethically overseas which can be defined as fast fashion. There’s a high probability that clothing made overseas uses sweatshops, cheap/toxic dyes, cheap synthetic fabrics, and the factories in which the clothing is produced, disposes unheard of amounts of waste without considering the environment.  Ultimately, this is why the fashion industry has had such a negative effect on the planet.  In additon, the sheer distance in moving material and product around the world en masse, is a major contributer of global emissions. 

Since this somber news of the fast fashion industry has come to light in recent years, we as consumers are now searching for clothing that isn’t so bad for the planet. More people are interested in shopping Made in USA clothing and a Slow Fashion Movement has emerged where more clothing brands are going the extra mile to create sustainable business models so the planet and their customers, like you, can reap the benefits. 

Below, we list the five things you need to know about buying Made in USA clothing. This list provides the top benefits of shopping American Made clothing and will ultimately get you psyched to snag some quality, Made in USA threads while hanging low during COVID-19. 

Made in USA t-shirts

4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Made in USA Clothing

1. Made in USA Clothing Is Sustainable

Made in USA clothing is one solid way to shop for clothes more sustainably. There are two main reasons why Made in USA clothing is more sustainable compared to clothing made overseas.  

Reason #1: Domestic Shipping vs. Overseas Shipping 

When you shop locally in the United States, your online order does not have to be shipped overseas to get to your doorstep. Overseas shipping burns a massive amount of fossil fuels and pollutes the ocean and air as the shipping container with your order makes its way from China (or other far away countries) to the states. Remember, these countries aren’t close to America, so they are traveling thousands of miles across the ocean to get to you. 

Reason #2: Domestic Factory Regulations vs. Overseas Factory Regulations

For the most part, all of the clothes we buy are made in factories. A majority of the factories overseas in countries like China are poorly regulated because there are no strict federal rules and regulations set in place by the government. 

So like you would imagine, many of them produce their clothing without considering the environment so they use toxic chemicals, spew unheard of amounts of greenhouse gases into the air, and dispose of their waste in unethical ways like in waterways or burning it. 

In fact, this waste is polluting the water, soil and air in countries like china. On the flip side, all factories in the United States have strict regulations that are watched closely by health officials so there is no way to get away with this type of poor environmental practice. 

American Made t-shirts

2. Made in USA Clothing Is High Quality

You’re guaranteed high quality, long lasting clothing when you shop Made in USA. This is because the people behind Made in USA clothing brands truly care about the craftsmanship that goes into making a t-shirt, sweatshirt , etc. Ultimately, there’s a reason why they are already going the extra mile to produce their clothing in America, and that reason is to make a superior product.

Most all Made in USA clothing brands follow the Triple Bottom Line. The Triple Bottom Line which is a term used to describe a sustainable business model. The TBL believes the following three tiers should all benefit from the sale of the product:

  1. The consumer 
  2. The business 
  3. The planet

Yes, the brands who manufacture their clothes in the USA, and abide by the Triple Bottom Line, really care about making the nicest threads, but they also tend to have a more refined manufacturing model. This means there is higher quality control and a more intimate cut, sew, and dye process in Made in USA manufacturing. 

Furthermore, Made in USA clothing brands will not source the cheapest fabrics and dyes to make their clothes. Most American-Made clothing brands opt for the highest quality fabrics which are usually some of the best eco-friendly fabrics available like Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Pima Cotton. Made in USA clothing brand will also avoid using toxic fabric dyes such as plant, fruit or vegetable dyes to give a natural coloring to their clothing. 

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3. Made in USA Clothing Supports Fair Labor Practices & Wages

When you order something from a Made in USA clothing brand, you’re supporting fair labor practices and fair wages for all employees. In other words, it's a gold standard for factories in the United States to provide healthy and safe working conditions and they also pay their workers fair living wage. 

The sad truth is that fair labor practices in factories overseas are hard to come by because they aren't as regulated as the United States. This is why you hear about factories overseas using child labor, unhealthy working conditions, and unfair wages. So remember that when you choose to opt for Made in USA clothing, you’re supporting fair labor practices and fair wages to workers. 

4. The Satisfaction of Opting For Made in USA Clothing

What have people learned from shopping consciously? That they receive instant satisfaction knowing that they are benefiting the environment while supporting the brands who are going the extra mile to keep the planet green. Also, by consciously shopping for sustainable clothes, you’re rewarded with knowing that you’re keeping your environmental footprint low which is a small step in protecting the planet. It’s a win-win. 

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  • Gail

    I agree, we need to be buying American made products,to support our country, our communities with jobs, and understand, that companies who do not support our country and our communities are eventually going to loose, because many clothing from overseas are not good. Experience talking from experiencing cloths and shoes made in china. America needs more companies to be ONE with AMERICA, not be so cheap buy buying things from other countries. BE A TRUE AMERICAN!!

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