Operation Enduring Freedom

Every time we see this shirt it brings a smile to our face as it brought such joy and happiness to the men and woman serving on the USS Roosevelt. The concept was simple, make a T-shirt that was 5 feet across and 7 feet tall.

Who could make such a shirt...enter Goodwear USA.

When the call came in to provide a shirt of this size, I thought it was a friend playing a joke. The caller calmly asked for a Size 10X. When he told me the dimensions without skipping a beat, I knew this caller wasn't kidding, it was needed for a very good cause. Once he described the logistics on how it would work, we said we'll make it happen.

See the attached pictures with friends and families signing the shirt with messages for their loved ones. Much better than email.

We have been asked to do many things over the years but I have to say this was one of the most unique, largest in shirt size and most gratifying project we were able to make happen!

Thank you for your service to all who protect our country past present and future, we will be eternally grateful!



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