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Your New Favorite American Made T-Shirts

You did it. You just found the best made in USA t-shirts. Comfortable, soft, durable, and sustainable. These are all the traits you look for when shopping for a new t-shirt. 

You would be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t have a favorite t-shirt. It’s that one you wear all the time. It’s your softest, most comfortable, and maybe even the oldest t-shirt in your closet. It is sacred to you. If you lost it, you would be heartbroken. 

It’s funny how t-shirts can hold so much value to us. Favorite t-shirts are special and irreplaceable. Whether it’s a vintage Rolling Stones t-shirt that was your pops back in the 60’s or its just a plain white tee thats been with you through thick and thin.

With all your favorite t-shirts aside, I would like to introduce you to some made in USA t-shirts that might just become your new favorite -- Goodwear's Classic Pocket Tees

Goodwear Classic Pocket Short Sleeve Tee

The Best Made In USA T-Shirts: Goodwear Classic Pocket Tees

The Goodwear Classic Pocket Tee was created for comfort and the perfect fit. It is the ideal short sleeve t-shirt that you will want to wear everywhere and anywhere. It’s basic design (12 solid colorways) makes it easy to sport with any outfit you choose to rock. 

The Classic Pocket Tee is made in America with Goodwear’s signature 100% USA grown organic cotton. This signature cotton is made from a heavyweight jersey creating an extremely durable t-shirt. In fact, this t-shirt might be the most sustainable and durable t-shirt you will ever own. 

The Goodwear Classic Pocket Tee comes in three different fits:

  1. Slim Fit: This fit will be tighter on your body. People choose the slim fit to show off their figure or they just simply look at the feeling of a tighter shirt. 
  2. Classic Fit: This is the universal t-shirt fit. Not too loose or not too tight. 
  3. Modern Fit: A twist on the classic fit. The modern fit is tailored to be more structured than the classic fit. It will be snugger on your arms and shoulders but still loose on your body. 

Since this is a heavyweight t-shirt, this means it can be worn comfortably year round. Spring, summer, winter, or fall, this American made t-shirt was designed to compliment your wardrobe in any weather. In addition, the Goodwear Classic Pocket Tee was carefully designed with fine details you will appreciate. 

Features of the best made in USA t-shirt:

  • 100% USA grown cotton
  • Heavyweight jersey
  • Two-needle cover-stitched neck and armhole
  • Two-needle finished sleeve and bottom hems
  • Crew Neck style
  • Left chest pocket detail
  • Tubular Knit Body Sizes (which means no side seams!)

Goodwear Classic Pocket Short Sleeve Tee

Why It’s Important To Opt For Made In USA T-Shirts

The Quality

Since tee shirts made in the USA are of a higher quality, they do come with a slightly higher price tag. However, their ability to last you for years makes them a solid investment. You will find that you will have to continuously buy cheap t-shirts because of their lack of quality. Ultimately, it’s a better to invest in high quality t-shirts because they will last you longer, let alone the other benefits of comfort and looks.

The Betterment Of Our Planet

When you buy a made in USA product, it means that you’re buying local. When you buy local, you’re breaking the cycle of buying clothes made overseas that come with a heavy carbon footprint. In other words, clothing made overseas has to be shipped thousands of miles across the ocean to reach the United States.

Shipping overseas burns a massive amount of fossil fuels and spews greenhouse gases into the air every second each boat travels. It doesn't take a mathematician to realize how much this is polluting our oceans and planet. 

On top of all this, the countries overseas producing the clothing do not have proper regulations on their factories so 24 hours a day, these factories are ejecting an excessive amount of greenhouse gases into the air that are polluting the air, water, and soil. A radical example of this is China. China's air quality grows worse and worse every year because of their multitude of factories with minimal regulations on carbon emissions. 

Ultimately, purchasing American made clothing helps clean our planet greener and cleaner. Conscious buyers are beginning to understand the importance of opting for made in USA clothing

Support Fair Labor Practices

When you buy American made clothing, you’re also supporting fair labor practices. Made in USA clothing has higher standards when it comes to fair labor and wage standards compared to foreign countries. 

Simply put, the U.S has federal laws set in place to make sure there is not unethical labor treatment or dangerous working conditions. The sad truth is that there aren’t strict laws set in place in foreign countries so they can get away with unethical labor and unlawfully low wages. 

In a nutshell, when you choose to purchase American made clothing, you’re supporting fair labor practices and wages.  

Wrapping Up: The Best Made in USA T-Shirts

The best made in USA t-shirt of 2020 is Goodwear’s Classic Pocket Tee. It’s basic style, comfort, and fit are what make this a favorite among the thousands available online. Not only is this t-shirt quality, but it's made in the USA with 100% organic cotton. When you wear the Goodwear Classic Pocket Tee, you’re supporting the betterment of the people and the planet.

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