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Made in USA T-Shirts (Long Sleeve)

Our Men’s Made in USA Long Sleeve T-shirts are an extension of the quality and durability that can be found in all of our signature short sleeve t-shirts. All of our Men’s Long Sleeve T-shirts are American-Made using U.S Grown Cotton. These Made in USA Long Sleeve Tees are made in small batches by the people who truly care about making a well-made and a long lasting product. Our 39-year-old intimate design and quality control process proves this. 

Crafted from a number of eco-friendly fabrics, our Made in USA Long Sleeve T-shirts are planet-friendly because of our domestic manufacturing process and the fabrics we hand pick to knit them.  Our heavyweight long sleeve t-shirts use 100% U.S Grown Cotton and our hemp long sleeve t-shirts use a sustainable blend of hemp (imported) & organic cotton. Also, our heavyweight long sleeve Henleys use U.S Grown Cotton and have been a fan-favorite for over a decade.