Long Sleeve

American-Made Long Sleeve Shirts for Men

Long sleeve shirts are the MVP of the men’s closet. These versatile items can be used for just about any occasion. You can wear a crew neck over a collared shirt for casual day at work. Pull on a Henley-brushed jersey for a weekend of carting the kids to baseball games and soccer practice. Grab a hooded fleece on your way out the door just in case it gets chilly at the neighborhood cookout.

Face it — you would have a lot fewer options in your wardrobe without the long-sleeve shirt. That’s why it makes sense to stock up on them when you find a brand that fits well and looks great. That brand is Goodwear.

Our men’s long-sleeve shirts are made in America, using only the best materials. We produce them with an eye to quality. We want our shirts to last longer than anything you’ve ever worn before. Buying an upscale long-sleeve shirt you can rely on for years to come makes a lot more sense than purchasing cheap ones that will wear out quickly. Make your investment in clothing from Goodwear, and you will find it pays off over the long haul. That’s just one way we look out for our customers.

The Long-Sleeve Shirts With a Made-in-the-USA Tag

We are proud to sell clothing made in America. Our pro-American manufacturing stance is a cornerstone of our company. We believe in offering employment options to people who love working with their hands and producing an exceptional finished product every day, something they can look at with satisfaction.

Why should you buy American-made clothes such as our men’s long-sleeve shirts? Here are just a few benefits you get from buying made-in-the-USA clothing:

  • Supporting American workers: It’s not just our employees, either. We are also a Cotton USA licensee, meaning we use 100 percent American-grown cotton in our manufacturing.
  • Free shipping: When you buy American-made clothing from Goodwear, we offer free shipping and returns on every domestic order.
  • Getting better clothing: We have high standards for our fairly paid workers, who take pride in what they do. That means the clothing they produce is of higher quality than what you’ll find elsewhere in the market.
  • Making a better future: When you buy American, you show your support for keeping manufacturing jobs in this country now and in years to come.

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In addition to being durable, our clothing also looks good and feels comfortable. You will enjoy slipping into one of our pullovers, zip fronts or crew necks. Take a look at our many options below, which we offer in a range of colors. You will love your new long-sleeve shirt. Order from Goodwear today.