About us

Welcome to Goodwear - an upscale brand of domestically manufactured apparel known worldwide for its superior quality, fabric weight and unique styling.

Goodwear's corporate office is located on beautiful Cape Ann, 28 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts.  Vendor warehouses and factories are located throughout the U.S.

Since 1983, Goodwear has produced top-quality Made In USA T-shirts and sweatshirts. Our products are American made at every step along our supply chain, from US-grown cotton to domestic ginning and spinning, to assembly with American truckers transporting our raw materials and finished products. We’re proud to offer some of the best quality Sweatshirts and T-shirts available, while at the same time creating and keeping jobs here in the US. Good for you, good for American workers. That’s Goodwear. The American-made Shirt Company.

Honored to Be One of the Top Clothing Brands Made in the USA

We provide jobs to the honest people of this country who love making a living with their hands. Our American-made clothing company believes U.S. manufacturing is the backbone of this nation, and we do all we can to support that vital industry. This includes buying materials of the highest quality to give our workers the best way to make our products.

We believe in supporting American families by offering jobs where they can earn a living by fabricating something they feel real ownership of. Each piece of our clothing is possible only because of their hard work and dedication. We know the best way to honor that is to produce the best clothing we possibly can.

Our History as a USA-Made Clothing Company:

Established in 1983, The Goodwear Corporation began by providing private label and full package programs to major sportswear and apparel companies.  In 1989, the Goodwear brand was launched to the screen print, embroidery and promotional product markets. In 1990, the Goodwear brand started exporting to Japan, and since then has been recognized as one of the top quality brands in the Japanese retail marketplace by major catalogs and publications. (visit Advertising)

Made with Pride in the USA

The Goodwear brand is dedicated to producing the highest-quality clothing right here in the USA. We support the American factory worker, and are concerned about overseas sweatshops and child labor. These unfair work practices allow unscrupulous companies to profit off the sweat and toil of underpaid and underage workers. To combat those terrible conditions, we offer consumers a way to support American-made clothing brands.

It’s becoming rarer to see companies dedicated to keeping their manufacturing domestic. You may notice more labels on clothes from American businesses that are actually made overseas. Supporting a company that believes in giving Americans jobs is one way you can show support for our country. Quite simply, we believe in the American work ethic, which has been producing high-quality clothes for our customers for more than three decades.

American workers who care about the quality and reputation of the items they make produce every piece of Goodwear clothing. We proudly carry on the tradition of clothing brands made in the USA by manufacturing sweatshirts, sweatpants, undershirts, sleepwear and more. We know many of our customers search for the “Made in the USA” label, and we are happy to provide it.

The Goodwear Corporation is a member of the Fair Labor Association.  To learn more about the Fair Labor Association, visit www.fairlabor.org. As an American-made clothing company, we think workers all over the world deserve the same transparency and accountability we demand at our U.S. facilities. When you buy from Goodwear, you show your support for fair labor practices both here and abroad.

Goodwear, Proud to be a COTTON USA licensee

Our commitment to being one of the leading affordable clothing brands made in the USA doesn’t end with hiring American workers. We also use products from the U.S. to make our clothing. We have faith in the high quality and durability of these American-made materials, and we demonstrate that faith by employing them in our manufacturing. If you have marveled at how long our shirts and sweatshirts last, that’s a testament to these fine products.

Goodwear is a Cotton USA licensee, which means that each year an independent third party audits the records of Goodwear to confirm that our supply chain from the cotton field to the ginner, yarn spinner, knitter and cut and sew utilizes 100% American grown cotton.

Clothing brands made in America, like Goodwear, produce some of the best items you will find in stores. Our commitment to and love for the United States are reflected in our manufacturing practices, and we hope this page helped explain how this became so important to our identity.