USA-Made Men’s Clothing

What do you want from your clothing? Undoubtedly you want it to offer a good fit, to keep you covered up but not uncomfortable. You want it to be sturdy, because clothing that stretches out or loses its shape and color are a waste of money. You want it to look good, too, whether it’s a flattering color or a shirt that tapers with your body.

Goodwear can deliver all that and more. As one of the premier men’s clothing brands made in the USA, we have developed a reputation for producing high-quality pieces that will stand up to even the most active users’ schedules. You can go camping, mow the lawn, walk on the beach, hit the links, work the grill, take the kids for a walk or head to bed in our versatile line of men’s clothing. Every piece of men's clothing is American-made, just like all of our Goodwear products.

American-Made Apparel That Will Make an Impression

Our American-made men's clothing line is full of variety from short sleeve shirts to sweatshirts and all of it comes with our made in the USA guarantee. Our seamless technology, our dedication to a quality fit, and the best materials, all lend to our ability to bring you an entirely new level of comfort. Let us show you why:

  • Why are our clothes so soft? We are a Cotton USA licensee, using the finest cotton to fashion our clothing. It feels strong but lightweight on your body, allowing you to go about your day without giving a second thought to whether you’ll be warm or cool enough, depending on the season.
  • Why is our men’s clothing made in America? We believe in the pride of American workmanship. Our commitment to producing our clothes in the USA reflects our faith that this industry represents the best America has to offer. We love providing a way for workers to earn a living with their hands and their hearts.
  • Why do our clothes fit so well? We have made a practice of perfecting our clothing, whether it’s the material we use, the technology we employ to produce it or the way it lays on your torso. We address every possible way to make our clothing better, including getting the fit our customers deserve.

The Advantages of Buying American-Made Men’s Clothing Brands

When you purchase men’s clothes made in the USA by Goodwear, you get a product you can count on. Quality is our No. 1 focus. Our quality American-made men's clothing will outlast anything else you purchase because we use the best materials and manufacturing practices. By dedicating our company to American manufacturing, we put our values first. The quality comes right along with that decision, since American industry benefits from transparency and oversight.

Our workers stay happy and produce reliable products because of that. Choosing men's clothes made in the USA means getting good value and feeling good about it, too. We even show our appreciation for America in another way. We give a military discount on all our products, because we are indebted to those who choose to provide military service to our country.

Browse Our Selection of Men’s Clothing Made in the USA

Gearing up for winter has never been so easy with our long sleeve Henley. Made with our specially selected heavyweight cotton, it looks great layered or on its own, and it will provide you with a warmth and comfort that will last throughout the season.

Keep it classy with our long sleeve crew neck sweatshirt. Inspired by the ‘50’s styles, this sweet sweatshirt makes use of the swing sleeve. Call it what you like, once you try it on you won’t want to take it off. Available in black, navy and oxford, find the color that is right for you.

Nothing quite compares to our sleepwear. From Goodwear to Goodnite, we bring you the ultimate softness and an even better temperature. Keeping you cool in the heat of summer, and warm in the briskness of fall, find what you need to sleep well tonight.

When autumn comes around, there's nothing like a good thick heavyweight 100% cotton men's long sleeve top made in USA from our signature quality fabric. That is why we are proud to say that Goodwear not only delivers on this long-lasting quality guarantee but you can choose from the classic colors of White, Black, Navy, Oxford, Red, Hunter Green and Charcoal. Many prefer the Classic styling with 1.25" neck rib. Some call it old school, but you will look and feel warm and cozy in these heavyweight made-in-USA long sleeve t-shirts. Additionally, the Modern fit heavyweight men's long sleeve tops have a shorter neck rib at 7/8" for that contemporary look and design. Whichever way you decide, rest assured that both styles are made with our signature heavyweight 100% cotton fabric, which weighs in at 7.5 osy (ounces per square yard), making our shirts one of the top 3 made-in-USA long sleeve t-shirts you will find. All our cotton men's long sleeve tops are knit in a tubular body size so there are no side seams to worry about. Last, but not least, is the sewing detail you will find on all our made-in-USA long sleeve t-shirts. We use two needle cover-stitch on the neck collar and sleeve armhole for a sophisticated look and finish. This is an additional step through the sewing lines but is worth the distinguishing point of our brand above others.
So enjoy the fall weather, stay warm and be comfortable knowing you have chosen one of the best long sleeve heavyweight 100% cotton or 90% cotton 10% polyester Oxford color shirts you can find, made right here in the USA for over 37 years.
Undershirts Put on one of our USA-made men’s undershirts to experience the comfort and softness of our 100 percent U.S,-grown cotton clothes. They’re comfortable to wear under your dress or flannel shirts, every day and all day. They also come in packs of two, so you can save one for work and the other for relaxing at home.  American-Made Men’s Undershirts Our American-made men’s undershirts feature our slim-fit design, which is why it’s excellent to wear underneath your clothes. Our slim-fit shirts feature fitted sleeves and a 7/8" neck rib, as well as the signature cut of slim-fitting T-shirts. They also include a tubular body — which means no uncomfortable side seams!  Choose from our made-in-the-USA men’s V-neck undershirt style. We offer both in white or oxford gray colors. Each shirt is produced using 100 percent combed ring-spun cotton, though our oxford-colored undershirts are an exception. They use 90 percent combed ring-spun cotton and 10 percent polyester.  We’re proud to say our customers have experienced these results firsthand, with one noting, “I have washed them at least three times a week for several months now, and they feel the exact same as the first day I wore them,” and another commenting, “Nice and soft.”  Free Shipping for Our USA-Made Men’s Undershirts Our USA-made men’s undershirts include free domestic shipping, as well as a stars-and-stripes cloth shoe bag, which is perfect for traveling. We also offer free returns and exchanges on new and unused undershirts.  Submit a return or exchange request through your online Goodwear USA account, and we’ll start processing your request and keep you updated via email. Our returns usually process 24 hours, while our exchanges finish in one to two.  If you’re looking to purchase another set of our V-neck undershirts, take advantage of our six-pack offer. Purchase two packs of our American-made men’s undershirts, and we’ll include a third one free — that gives you six undershirts for almost every day of the week. Browse our undershirt selection below to get started.  Get a six-pack for your wardrobe. Buy Two x 2-Packs and get a FREE 2-Pack. 2+2+2 Upon checkout you will be prompted to pick the additional FREE 2-Pack. Save $48 with this offer!!
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