Women's Sleepwear

Women's Sleepwear

Made in USA Women’s Sleepwear

Our Made in USA Women’s Sleepwear has been a fan-favorite for over a decade now. We go the extra mile to produce the softest, highest-quality, and long lasting American-made women’s sleepwear in the industry.

Our women’s sleepwear is 100% Made in the USA using all domestic materials. The quality and softness comes from the sustainable fabrics we use. All of our Women’s Goodnite Shirts are made using bamboo and 100% U.S Grown Cotton. This makes all of our women’s nightgowns eco-friendly. In fact, these eco-friendly fabrics are what also make our women’s sleep shirts ultra durable for long-term use and ownership. 

One last benefit of our Made in USA women’s sleepwear is that all styles are made using Fair Labor Practices. We stand against sweatshops and child labor in factories overseas. Instead, we employ adults who are passionate about what they craft. We are proud members of the Fair Labor Association. 

There are many options to choose from in our Made in USA women’s sleepwear collection. Styles rang from:

  • Sleeveless Nightgown
  • Short Sleeve Nightgown
  • ¾” Scoop Neck Sleepwear Top 
  • ¾ Scoop Neck Nightgown
  • Sleepwear Lounge Pants

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