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This is our once per year shirt grab bag offer for you to get showroom samples, salesman samples, top of production and over-run styles at deeply discounted pricing.

We will send you 5 shirts of one size. They will be assorted styles. 

This T-shirt bundle sale offer is only for shipping to a US Domestic address. Sorry, no overseas orders due to weight of package. 

5 shirts for $39.95 + Estimated Shipping cost  $10.00-$16.00 (Small and Medium Size, $18.00 - $20.00 for Large and XL sizes. 

OFFER ENDS December 20, 2020



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What Our Customers Are Saying

I thought this type of quality went out with all the imports but this is the best shirt of its kind in the USA. Tough and really good looking. A real "Made in USA" quality.

Shawn, Goodwear Customer

This shirt looks even better in person. It's made of VERY tough and notably high quality material. I can tell I will have this shirt for a long time.

Jonathon, Goodwear Customer

Goodwear T-Shirts are the best I have ever bought. After years of wearing flimsy tees, these heavyweight ones are really the best. The quality is 1st class, the fit and feel is brilliant, and they wash really well, not losing any of their original shape.

Dave, Goodwear Customer